On December 16, two men of Palestinian background were put on trial in Germany on charges of planning an ISIS-inspired terror attack against the Israeli embassy in Berlin.

According to the indictment, the two men intended to attack the Israeli embassy or another Israeli target in Germany between December 2014 and July 2015.

The two men, who were only identified as Mohamed El-N and Ali El-I., as the law does not allow suspects to be identified, are both 21-years-old, but were 20-years-old when they were arrested.

The two men were arrested back in July while they attempted to make a bomb from firecrackers. Police experts said that the two men had the remnants of bomb-making materials on their clothes.

During the trial, it was exposed that Mohamed, who is a baker, and Ali, are both ISIS supporters. In addition, Ali, who supposedly was inspired by a Tunisian terrorist, had ISIS-related materials on his phone.

While in court, the two men claimed that they were not attempting to target the Israeli embassy, but instead, were merely trying to do “something cool.”

According to a report in Germany, the homemade bomb that the two men were attempting to build was “far from being professional.”
In response, an Israeli diplomatic source said, “It is best to take every threat seriously, even if in hindsight it turns out it wasn’t so grave, particularly at such a sensitive time.”

The Israeli Embassy in Berlin responded by saying, “We put our trust in the local authorities in dealing with security and legal matters.”

The two men will appear in court again on December 18, in one of the five remaining hearings in their case before a judgment is made on January 14.

If the two men are convicted as adults, they could each face a ten-year prison sentence.