Silver Hoard and Earrings Gabi Laron HUJI

A collection of millennia-old jewelry has been discovered in Israel.

The pieces, including five sets of silver earrings, date to the Bronze Age and are approximately 3,300-years-old.


The jewelry was found at a biblical site near Israel’s border with Lebanon, in the city of Abel Beth Maacah.

The city was an Iron Age area in the Israelite kingdom, mentioned in the Book of Kings.

Last year, a large stone structure was uncovered during excavations, which researchers surmise might have been part of a fortress. At the foundation of the structure was a large jug, which contained “a silver hoard composed of earrings and ingots.”

“Before coins were invented in the 5th century BCE, people would weigh out bits of silver on pan scales against known weights, such as the famous shekel of the Bible,” said Dr. Robert Mullins of the Azusa Pacific University, according to the Times of Israel.

“These pieces were evidently placed into a jug whose neck was missing, probably for safekeeping, though we have no proof that the jug and its contents were hidden below a floor.”

Abel Beth Maacah is considered the last of towns mentioned in the Bible to be explored by modern archaeologists.

The site