Let’s imagine you wake up tomorrow morning to a zombie apocalypse. Most of us do not have what it takes to survive the herds of the undead. That’s because most of us are not IDF soldiers.

Here are 5 reasons why it would be smart to stick with IDF soldiers when the dead come back to life.

1) Stay Stealthy, Stay Alive

When living in a world dominated by zombies, the most important thing is to stay quiet. Even the smallest noise will draw a herd of walkers to your area, but IDF soldiers know better. Every soldier in the army has learned how to move stealthily.
Thanks to these special techniques developed by our expert Bedouin trackers, IDF soldiers can keep advancing in the field without giving away their position.

2) Know What to Eat

99% of the world’s population has turned into zombies. That means that when it comes to food, pizza delivery is not going to be an option anymore. However, there’s no need to worry because there is plenty to eat in the wild. The only problem is that there is a good chance that a seemingly delicious berry or mushroom could be poisonous.

Fortunately, the IDF has a special course for its pilots and special forces on how to survive in the wilderness. This includes learning what foods you can and cannot eat. Now that’s something that will come in handy when traditional food supplies run out.

3) Know How to Use a Radio

Once the zombie apocalypse breaks out, you can imagine that all the communication devices – smartphones, landlines and computers are going to fail pretty quickly. This is because the people in charge of supplying you with electricity will be feasting on their remaining colleagues. So what should you do when you can’t call 911?

Radio is going to be your only way of communication with other survivors when the undead take over the world. Once again, IDF soldiers will be the ones to save the day, as they all receive training in radio transmissions and radio maintenance.

4) Don’t be a Rambo, Save Your Ammo

When you and your group will be surrounded by zombies, it seems obvious that the only way out will be to take on the flesh eaters. However, if you think that going full Rambo on the biters will increase your chance of survival, you’re wrong. This is because you want to save your precious ammo and shoot the zombie in the head.

IDF soldiers are trained to use their weapons in semi-automatic mode, allowing for a high-precision shot and effective management of ammunition supply. Now that is a skill that will come in handy if the brain eaters rule.

5) Know How to Heal Your Wounds

Now that all services have collapsed, going to the hospital is clearly not an option anymore. Since there are only 1.7 physicians/1000 people on average in the world, the chances are pretty high that you won’t encounter one that hasn’t turned into a zombie yet. Additionally, you really want to be careful with your health during a zombie apocalypse. Even an infected paper cut could turn you into a walker.

The good news? IDF soldiers learn how to provide basic medical care during their training. From proper placement of a bandage to CPR, IDF soldiers are equipped to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Of course, this is all just a joke. But remember, stick to an IDF soldier during a zombie apocalypse, and you’ll do just fine.