3. Corrie ten Boom, named Righteous in 1967

Corrie ten Boom was a remarkably brave woman who helped save the lives of countless Jews in World War II.

The ten Boom family, Christians themselves, worked as watch repairers by trade in the town of Haarlem, in the Netherlands. Though a larger family, by the 1940’s it was just Corrie, her father Casper, and her sister Betsie living in the family home.

Eventually, the ten Booms began hiding Jews in their actual home. The numbers varied from time to time, based on need. It was decided that a secret hiding spot was needed in case the Nazis ever searched the home, and the family set out to have one installed.

Helpers gradually snuck in building materials like bricks smuggled in briefcases. Over time, a tiny space was built behind a fake wall that could just fit six people standing up. The ten Booms even installed a buzzer system, so that those in hiding could be alerted to scurry behind the wall.