1. Raoul Wallenberg, named Righteous in 1963

The 100th birthday of Raoul Wallenberg garnered numerous celebrations and commemorations last year, for the famed Holocaust hero who helped save the lives of 100,000 Jews. It also brought up old questions.

Not much is known about the ultimate fate of Wallenberg, who disappeared in Russia in 1945. It’s widely accepted that he was arrested by Russian police, and authorities there maintain he died in a cell in 1947. However, more and more researchers have compiled detailed accounts of alternative histories, with some theories stating Wallenberg lived decades longer than popular belief.

Though the last days of his life may forever remain a mystery, Wallenberg is remembered through vast statues, memorials and street signs that bear his name. He is also remembered through the many lives he helped to save. Hungary is attributed with the largest Jewish survival rate of World War II, a fact analysts say is due in no small part to Wallenberg’s efforts.