Six men have been arrested for drunkenly breaking into a London synagogue and violently attacking worshippers.

The suspects entered the Orthodox-populated neighborhood of Stamford Hill late Saturday night, attempting to break into the main synagogue there before the were removed by security officials.

“The incident is being treated as an anti-Semitic incident due to remarks made by one of the group,” said a police spokesman to the BBC. “However, there is nothing to suggest that it was a planned or targeted attack.”

Video from the attack features some 10 members of the shul having to defend themselves with chairs and other items as the men attempt to enter a room in the synagogue, the London-based Jewish Chronicle reported.

They can also be seen in the video threatening the congregants who are preventing them from entering the room.

Police spoke to the BBC and said patrols have been increased in the neighborhood to keep monitoring the situation.

Community Security Trust Communications Director Mark Gardner said they were working with the local police following the events to stay updated.

“It has no connection with stories last month about neo-Nazi claims on social media concerning Stamford Hill.”