The number of French Jews immigrating to Israel is skyrocketing and the Jewish state needs to prepare for a further uptick, Dr. Michael Bensaadon—director of the “Klita” absorption group, which works with French Jews seeking to make aliyah—told Israel National News following the Paris terror attacks.

Bensaadon is asking Israel to better prepare its infrastructure, such as education and employment, to absorb a greater number of Jewish immigrants who in the absence of suitable Israeli infrastructure might prefer moving to the United States or Canada.

“We’ve gotten lots of promises and we hear the Israeli government call on Jews to come home to Israel, but we don’t see definite steps,” he said.

Based on preliminary findings from opinion polls—which show that as much as 80 percent of French Jewry is mulling aliyah—in addition to a report Bensaadon’s group is working on together with the Jewish Agency and the Nefesh B’Nefesh aliyah organization, the wave of French aliyah “will yet strengthen,” said Bensaadon. In the last year alone, 7,000 French Jews immigrated to Israel amid the rising anti-Semitism in France.