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Was “50 First Dates” a good movie? It had a completely ridiculous premise that would never in a million years actually occur. It was basically about a stalker and a mentally deranged woman who’d been kept inside a fantasy world by her controlling family.

Yet it was a quasi successful romantic comedy. Also, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore had absolutely NO chemistry. They had it in “The Wedding Singer,” but “50 First Dates” should have put a nail in that coffin. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks they are not.

And yet…

The two movie stars are appearing alongside each other as the romantic leads in another film, the upcoming “Blended.” Here’s a synopsis:

“Recently divorced mother of two boys, Lauren Reynolds, and widowed father of three girls, Jim Friedman, have a disastrous blind date that puts them off dating for the foreseeable future. However, when the two purchase a discount ‘Familymoon’ vacation from Lauren’s best friend and business partner, Jen, they wind up at an African resort with their kids in tow. Initially acrimonious, their relationship skews, gradually and irresistibly, towards romance.”

Well, this scenario sounds marginally more believable than “50 First Dates”…but not by much.

Will you be lining up to see “Blended.” Will anyone? Maybe for the gorgeous African safari imagery, or if a plot detail leaks that one of the children gets mauled by a lion…

J-Connection: Adam Sandler is totally Jewish.