Israeli food can be truly delicious, but it can also sometimes be truly…confusing.

This is especially accurate for individuals who have never tasted imported Israeli delicacies before. Trying to decipher the Hebrew explanations, colorful cartoon logos and unique list of ingredients can prove treacherous for newbies, and fortunately there is a hilarious new video to prove it.

BuzzFeed has been putting out some incredibly amusing videos of late exploring the world of Jewish-American culture. In this video, US citizens can be seen trying some Israeli treats for the first time, explaining their thoughts and reactions as they go.

The end result is laugh out loud funny, as the guinea pigs in question taste Cheeto-peanut hybrids, fizzing chocolate, and milky pudding, which one taster describes as, “It looks like cottage cheese, maybe?”

The clip was uploaded to YouTube just Friday and already has over a million views, so the staff at BuzzFeed must be doing something right.

Watch the video for yourself above, and if you like what you see, make sure to check out similar videos, like this one showing non-Jews tasting traditional Jewish foods for the first time, and this clip showing Jews decorating Christmas trees.