The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged the Spanish government to condemn an anti-Semitic rant broadcast on Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, S.A. (RTVE), the state-owned company which operates Spanish public radio. More than a half-hour of unadulterated anti-Jewish conspiracy theories were read on air.

The segment included slander of Judaism lifted chapter and verse from the “Plot Against the Church,” a book published in 1962 filled with anti-Semitic rhetoric written by a collection of Mexican priests under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay. The chapter within the book, titled “The Jews Spread the Cult of Satan,” spews rhetoric linking Jews to Satanic sects and demonology. In an article on his blog, Professor Joseba Louzao, who is a specialist in religious history at the Universidad de Alcalá, identified the language as coming from the anti-Semitic work.

“The fact that a vehemently anti-Semitic work filled with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and slander made it to the Spanish airwaves is seriously troubling and warrants immediate condemnation from the Spanish government,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL National Director. “It is as if RTVE aired portions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf or the infamous Russian anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The only difference is that ‘Plot Against the Church’ is much less known to the general public.”

In a letter to Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, ADL urged the government to reiterate that broadcasts with content of this nature have ramifications.

“We respectfully urge the Spanish Government to publicly condemn this broadcast and ensure there are serious consequences for RTVE’s poisoning of the airwaves with pure anti-Semitism,” Mr. Greenblatt wrote in the letter to the foreign minister. “Strong action will convey the seriousness of the government’s commitment to combat anti-Semitism and, we hope, deter future incidents. As someone who has studied and lived in Spain, I know this incident does not reflect Spanish values.”

“The Spanish government condemned the decision by the Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival to cancel a concert by American Jewish artist Matisyahu, and we encourage them to act accordingly on this case in the same manner,” Mr. Greenblatt added.

Last summer, ADL expressed concern over anti-Semitic incitement taking place at anti-Israel demonstrations, which included public displays of hate near a synagogue, and its recent polling found that 29 percent of those surveyed in Spain harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.