Technology giants Apple will open 20 sale points in Israel over the coming months, with almost every major Israeli city covered in the plan. The full plan was revealed on Wednesday, with the opening of the first sales booth in Ashdod.

Apple will be working with Israeli communications company Partner, setting up small Apple stands, or booths, within the larger Partner stores.

Just in the way that Partner takes on the brand name of telecommunications giant Orange, the Apple stands will also be manned by Partner employees.

The employees will be trained by the Apple “Masters” program, a staff training platform the company operates globally, in other countries where there are also no official Apple outlets.

Although there is an official Apple store in Israel, at Ben Gurion Airport, it appears for now it will remain the only independent store.

With the first store opening Wednesday in Ashdod, featuring both iPhones and iPads, fans of the brand can look forward to further outlets appearing in cities including Tel Aviv by August.

As reported in Israeli publication Globes, it’s likely that both Beats headphones and laptops will also be sold in the stores within a store at some stage in the future.

by Zack Pyzer