Three Arab members of the Israeli Knesset—Haneen Zoabi, Basel Ghattas, and Jamal Zahalka, all of the Joint Arab List party’s Balad faction—were suspended by the Knesset Ethics Committee for meeting with the families of Palestinian terrorists who murdered Israelis during the current wave of violence.

According to the committee’s ruling, Zoabi, who has a long history of anti-Israel actions and has faced Knesset discipline before, will be suspended for four months along with Ghattas, while Zahalka will be suspended for two months. Despite the bans, the Knesset members will still be able to vote at the Israeli legislature.

“We will not accept a situation in which members of Knesset support the families of the murderers of Israeli civilians, and stand in memory of those who murdered our children. There’s a limit. There’s such a thing as national respect,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset upon the announcement of the suspension.

The Joint Arab List condemned “the campaign of incitement led by Netanyahu, which led to the miserable, anti-democratic, and unethical decision of the committee.”