After arriving in Israel on June 7, Art Garfunkel spoke on June 8 prior to his June 10 concert at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium.

This is Garfunkel’s first time performing solo in Israel, and Garfunkel, dressed in a crisp white shirt and grey sports jacket, said that he “came to say hello and tell you I’m very thrilled and full of jetlag.”

Garfunkel held up a small piece of white notepaper, and pointing to the scrawled list, commented that this was the set list for June 10.

“There will be some Simon and Garfunkel, some Art Garfunkel, and a surprise, my son, and there’s the surprise, no more surprises,” he said.

Israeli audiences will welcome that news, as most audiences still want to hear “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Feeling Groovy,” those now age-old classics written by Paul Simon and sung for eternity by Garfunkel. Garfunkel is okay with that.

While in Israel, Garfunkel said that he would mostly take naps, hang out with his son, and avoid noise and phone calls. He called it his method of self-protection, spending less time enjoying Israel and more time focusing on his show in order to “give them the Art Garfunkel voice.”

While this is Garfunkel’s first time performing in Israel solo, he and Simon played in Israel in 1983. When asked why it took him so long to come, Garfunkel laughed and said that he had laundry and dentist appointments to attend to. However, he made it clear that it was not because of any boycott issues.

“I’m here with my brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews,” he said, referring to his fellow Jews in Israel.

Throughout the press conference, Garfunkel asked various speakers to repeat certain Hebrew words.

“Lashevet? What’s that,” he asked when photographers were asked to sit down.

“Notzetz? I like that,” he said, when a blogger gave the name of her site, which means sparkling.

In addition, on June 9, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted Garfunkel in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu told Garfunkel that he often listens to Garfunkel’s song, “The Boxer” during his walks.

Sara Netanyahu was unable to join them for the meeting due to the fact that she had to be at work.