On August 31, 2015, the ISA (Israel Security Agency) and Israeli Police arrested Tamer Ahmed Mahmad Brim, 36, at the Erez Crossing. Brim is a resident of the Gaza Strip.

During the investigation, Tamer Ahmed Mahmad Brim admitted that he transferred hundreds of tons of building materials to the Hamas terror organization. The materials were originally intended for the reconstruction and the development of the Gaza Strip. Hamas has a long history of exploiting the Gazan people to further its terrorist agenda. Hamas receives aid and building materials that are used to bolster its terror arsenal.

The transferring of the materials successfully bypassed the UN monitoring mechanism. The UN mechanism was put in place in order to ensure that materials donated by countries and organizations are used for reconstruction and development of civilian infrastructure.

On October 1, 2015, Brim was indicted for endangering state security through aiding a terror organization and involvement with illegal materials intended for terror. The defense establishment will continue to track and thwart attempts to smuggle construction materials for terror.