Auschwitz has expanded its online program to include versions in Arabic, Persian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum maintains an online educational tool to inform visitors on a slew of topics related to the Holocaust and the infamous concentration camp. Previously, the site was only available in English and Polish.

“When it comes to the number of visitors, the entire area of the Arab states and Iran almost do not exist in our statistics,” said the museum director Andrzej Kacorzyk.

“At the same time, we realize that it is often there where the history of the Holocaust is shown in a very distorted way, or even it is doubted and used politically.”

“We want to address groups of people who often have little knowledge of this subject or who even advocate revisionist views,” museum spokesman Pawel Sawicki told AFP.

The site in question uses photos, videos and archival documents to paint a vibrant timeline of how Auschwitz came to be, as well as how the mass extermination of Jews and other Nazi prisoners was systematically plotted.