During the afternoon of September 24, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli married businessman Adi Ezra in a ceremony in northern Israel after an extended battle over a no-fly zone in the skies over the ceremony.

The rabbi was flown in by helicopter for the wedding and guests were brought in by bus and had their phones confiscated in order to prevent unlicensed photos of the wedding, which took place in the Carmel Forest.

One paparazzo was sent to the hospital during the ceremony after security guards roughhoused him for attempting to take photos of the wedding.

Refaeli and Ezra started dating in 2012 after Refaeli broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Refaeli has previously been the subject of public outrage due to the fact that she did not fulfill her two years of mandatory military service, as instead she had a quickie wedding with Arik Weinstein. The couple divorced in 2005 after two years of marriage.

Ezra’s family owns the Israeli food importing company Neto ME Holdings.

Earlier this week, Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority said that it would override transportation minister Yisrael Katz and create a no-fly zone in the four-square-mile airspace over the wedding in the Carmel Forest on September 24. Refaeli and Ezra asked the authority to create the no-fly zone over the wedding in order to avoid the peeping gaze of paparazzi. The authority agreed, citing safety concerns over the potential for a congested airspace.

This then caused Katz to angrily respond by saying, “the skies belong to the entire public and exclusivity cannot be granted for commercial reasons for high-profile people.”

After reports came out that flights would still be limited, Katz sent an extremely critical note to the authority’s director that said, “if the skies above Bar Refaeli’s wedding won’t be open, you will be removed from your post.”

J-Connection: Bar Refaeli is a Jewish supermodel and also a beautiful bride.