9. Uzi Machine Gun

Ya’akov Dori, the first Chief of the General Staff, was in the market for a new submachine gun to replace the existing weapons issued to IDF soldiers. The Uzi machine gun, named after its developer Uziel Gal, went head-to-head with the three most commonly used guns of the day: Germany’s Schmeisser, Britain’s Sten, and Italy’s Beretta. The Uzi beat them all, thanks to it being lightweight, cost-efficient and easy to assemble.

The Uzi was first introduced to the IDF on the seventh anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day in 1955. It quickly became the gold standard of IDF guns, and played a significant role in the Sinai Campaign and Six-Day War. It sold to over 90 countries before falling into disuse. However, variations of the gun are still used today, primarily by elite commando units or security personnel.