Beyonce is currently on a world tour, as any reigning empress of the galaxy would be, after releasing her self-titled album late last year.

Queen Bey is making her way around Amsterdam and took some time away from the coffeehouses and tulip fields to visit the Anne Frank House with her husband, Jay Z. No word on where Blue Ivy was during this…probably doing the family’s taxes or getting her first fashion line ready.


The couple spent more than an hour touring the house and was reportedly “impressed” with it. While there’s no official video of their tour, here’s what could potentially have gone down:

Beyonce: Man, this girl’s story is so sad. Kind of like mine. It’s been hard, being a black woman in the music industry, just like it must have been hard being a Jewish girl in World War II. Basically the same situation. SURFBORT!

Jay Z: I just got a text from Blue Ivy telling me she’s moving into the master bedroom. That’s cool, right?

Beyonce: But I had that mirror specially hung over the bed so I could look up at it every morning and say “I woke up like dis!” That girl is acting like she’s a Grown Woman and she’s only 2…I think. She could learn a lesson from Anne Frank, who saved the world from zombies…right? That’s why we’re here? Quick, take a photo for Instagram so I can make 13-year-old girls all over the world feel bad about themselves!

Seems likely, right?