It’s official–Bon Jovi is headed to Israel!

The “Livin On a Prayer” star will perform in Tel Aviv this fall, with a confirmed date of October 3 finally announced this week after weeks of speculation. The Tel Aviv show will close the singer’s 13-country tour.

At the heart of bringing Bon Jovi to Israel was show promoter Shay Mose Yosef, who has garnered a name for himself encouraging big ticket bands and musicians to travel to the Jewish state despite boycott calls from groups like the BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

“It’s been half a year of work and a lot of cooperation to make this happy,” said Shay Mor Yosef of the Bluestone promotion group, according to the Times of Israel. “These are artists who have traveled throughout the world, and to announce Bon Jovi is historic and exciting…This is one of the big ones.”

Bon Jovi announced in 2010 that the band would perform in Israel the following year, but the concert never came to fruition.

“You can’t just assume that Bon Jovi will come here during a world tour,” added Mor Yosef. “The fact that they are is a big success.”

Tickets went on sale today, costing between $90 and $250. The concert should last about three hours and include 20 to 22 hit songs.

French producer Marcel Avram also played a key role in negotiations to bring the band to Tel Aviv. When asked if the group was likely to be swayed by BDS boycott calls, Avram replied in the negative.

“Bon Jovi couldn’t care less,” he said. “If he wants to do something, he does. What does he care about Roger Waters?”

Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, is a vocal proponent of the BDS movement and has made a habit of targeting musicians once they announce plans to play Israel.