The IDF announced that two Israeli soldiers were killed as a result of the Hezbollah terror attack along the Lebanon border earlier today.

In addition, seven other IDF soldiers were injured; injury levels vary from light to moderate.


IDF posts on Mount Hermon and Har-Dov have sustained mortar shell bombings fired from Lebanon at 1:00 PM Israeli time Wednesday afternoon. No injuries and casualties were reported. Tourists on the ski site of Mount Hermon were evacuated to safety.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, attending a ceremony in Sderot near the Gaza border, commented on the events unfolding in Israel’s northern border on Wednesday, saying “At this very moment, the IDF is retaliating against the attack on Israel’s northern border. I urge those who want to challenge our security, to take a look at the Gaza-Strip. and the events that occurred there during the last summer.”

“Hamas suffered heavy blows, the heaviest since his establishment. The IDF is ready to project power on all fronts,” said the Israeli prime minister.

The incident occurred in proximity to the Arab village of Ghajar.

The IDF is looking into the possibility that the missile shooting was part of a hijacking attempt.

The residents of two border adjacent Kibbutzim, Dafna and Kfar Giladi were instructed to remain at home.