A fatal shooting took place this afternoon at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas, just a day before the local Jewish community was set to observe Passover.

Reports surfaced around 2 pm that an unidentified man had shot and killed a victim, injuring one other, outside the assisted living facility Village Shalom in Overland Park, KS. The site is attached to the area’s JCC.

“My son and I were walking into the Jewish Community Center this afternoon for an umpire clinic, around the westside and all of the sudden we heard a gunshot, a pretty loud gunshot,” witness Mike Metcalf told Fox News.

“I turned to look to my right and I can see a man standing outside a car with a shotgun, what to me looked like a shotgun, and there was somebody laying on the ground.”

By 4 pm it remained unclear whether or not the shooter was in custody.