Israel is teaming up with California to help the embattled state with its drought problem.

California state officials took part in a conference hosted by the Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies recently to learn about Israeli-developed strategies that could potentially help deal with California’s ongoing drought.

“The [water] problem [for Israel] is still ongoing, but Israel now produces about 20 percent more water than the market requires. The use of water per capita in Israel is less than one-third of the amount consumed in California. This is a result of the establishment of desalination installations, the secondary use of water for agriculture, and also the citizens’ conduct,” said Dr. Glenn Yago, a senior fellow with the Milken Institute’s Financial Innovation Lab, to the Israeli daily paper Yedioth Ahronoth.

At the same time, Israeli firms that are working on water management and purification have been meeting with companies in America, as well as meeting with leaders in California’s Departments of Water and Agriculture.

Israel has positioned itself as something of a leader in this field, as it has developed a thriving agricultural community with an economy dependent on its many exports, despite its dry and arid climate.