Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper toured Yad Vashem yesterday, as part of his diplomatic visit to Israel.

The Canadian leader was joined by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu at the Holocaust memorial, touring the site’s expansive exhibits and attending a fire lighting remembrance ceremony.


“They are remembered always, in our hearts, in our prayers, and, most importantly in our resolve. Never again,” Harper wrote in the site’s visitor’s book.

The Yad Vashem visit was followed by a trip to the Western Wall, where Harper tucked a prayer written on a slip of paper into the cracks of the Kotel.

Harper is noted for his strong support of the Jewish state, even when it is not necessarily a popular move. Canada was one of the few nations, along with Israel and the US, to vote against elevated status for Palestine within the UN last year. Also last year, Canada closed its embassy in Iran after the Islamic republic’s continued calls for Israel’s annihilation.