Tuesday, February 20, 2018
The family of a German-Jewish businessman did not adequately show that the Picasso masterpiece “The Actor” was sold under duress, the judge said.
The filmmaker, whose 95-year-old mother told him traumatizing stories about the Holocaust, initially turned down the offer to make a comic and animation film about the teenage diarist.
Loach was responding to criticism that his films have been widely shown in Israel, despite his support for a cultural boycott.
The exhibition, which took 3 1/2 years to organize, includes some 130 paintings, illustrations and other depictions of menorahs from around the world.
The settlement allows the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to retain seven pieces of rare German porcelain that were sold in Berlin in 1937 during Nazi-era persecution.
The $10.1 million gift will be used to buy a collection of 450 works by Arthur Szyk, including pieces that have never been displayed publicly.
A former tailor’s apprentice whose life’s work last week went on display at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Lille, Nedjar says he merely “exhumes” his puppets to reconnect to his brethren who were murdered in the Holocaust.
JTA did some digging and picked out some of the unexpected Jewish tidbits from among the nominees for the 2017 Academy Awards.
Over the years, students have created dozens of products: costumes that encourage children to move during physical therapy; air-cushioned prosthetic legs with superhero designs; fashionable clothes that people with limited range of movement can easily get on and off.
The book is designed for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive type of dementia that causes a slow decline in thinking, memory and reasoning.


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