Sunday, June 16, 2019
The Super Bowl is not a traditionally Jewish event, because we’re lacking in the football player department, but this year’s ads were fairly Jewy.
One of the stand out song-videos off Beyonce's new album is titled "Mine," and features our favorite Jewish rapper, Drake.
James Franco is the reason why #InstagramVideo was invented. He is a leading figure in the 15 second visual art movement, and we've got proof.
When Matisyahu shaved his signature Hasidic beard in 2011, he knew he would put off some of his fans. But he probably hoped they would still recognize him.
Everyone who’s ever attended Jewish summer camp shares a special bond, a special connection forged around a smoky campfire or woodsy arts and crafts table.
Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony celebrated the best looking people in Hollywood and the movies that made them rich(er).
Here are a few more Jewish celebrities whose real names might just surprise you.
Want to hear Shaquille O’Neal speak Hebrew? Yeah, so did we.
2013 was a good year for Jewish actors in film and television, but this year promises even more.
A look at the 10 sexiest Jewish women in Hollywood.


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