Wednesday, August 12, 2020
In a photo series that could be titled “People Failing at Life,” we bring you some of the worst examples of Holocaust selfies.
Everyone who’s ever attended Jewish summer camp shares a special bond, a special connection forged around a smoky campfire or woodsy arts and crafts table.
Feeling like there weren’t enough Jews on your TV screen? You can rest easy, because reality TV is getting a bit more Chosen.
Billy Crystal—actor, writer, producer, director--is a beloved American icon.
Gilad Shalit is reportedly engaged to be married--mazel!
Billy on the Street is back, and this time he’s running around New York with one of our favorite Jewish actors.
Israel is known for a lot of things--historic sites, beautiful landscapes, innovative technology...and of course, some stunningly beautiful women.
Michael Keaton performed hilarious sketch outlining the contents of his Easter basket.
Here are a few more Jewish celebrities whose real names might just surprise you.
Israel boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. Pair that with Orthodox music sensation Matisyahu and you’ve got the makings of a viral hit.
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