Friday, July 17, 2020
In the spirit of the reinvention of Hollywood, here are a few Jewish celebrities whose real names might surprise you.
Here are a few more Jewish celebrities whose real names might just surprise you.
When Matisyahu shaved his signature Hasidic beard in 2011, he knew he would put off some of his fans. But he probably hoped they would still recognize him.
A kippah-clad, tzitzit-wearing beatboxing duo has advanced on America’s Got Talent.
Drake made a surprise appearance at a bat mitzvah in New York City. Mazel!
Former American Idol contestant Brett Loewenstern, who competed on the reality show back in 2011, made aliyah last week and plans to join the IDF.
The hit on Doctors Without Borders raises questions about the litmus test America holds for when a strike is acceptable, particularly in regards to Israel.
Amazon Prime will launch a new 10-part series called, 'The Hand of God.'
William Shatner has revealed a tribute to his friend and co-star Leonard Nimoy.
The Dave Matthews Band paid tribute to slain Israeli-American journalist Steven Sotloff at a Florida performance over the weekend.
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