Friday, July 17, 2020
Gilad Shalit is reportedly engaged to be married--mazel!
With her role as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman in theaters in less than a year, Israeli actress Gal Gadot was featured on Entertainment Weekly.
Former Israeli President Shimon Peres was treated to a special tribute from Bono, while on a trip to Canada.
Madonna shocked fans by kissing rapper Drake onstage at the Coachella music festival in California when she joined him as a surprise guest on Sunday night.
Michael Keaton performed hilarious sketch outlining the contents of his Easter basket.
A city where anti-Semitic attacks occur on a daily basis may not seem an obvious backdrop for an Israeli production of a music video titled Hava Nagila.
For Sonya Kreizman and Natasha Nova, love is more than just a concept--it's serious business.
Jon Stewart is no stranger to broaching Middle East issues on his evening comedy series, The Daily Show.
Bob Marley would have been 70 years old last month, and a group of Israeli a cappella singers thought up the perfect way to celebrate.
Amanda Peet revealed some startling news this week--she was not originally a fan of Game of Thrones, the show her husband co-created.
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