Friday, December 13, 2019
A series of photographs of a long-abandoned Paris apartment has gone viral this week, and the story has a surprising Nazi twist.
Diane von Furstenberg's iconic wrap dress, which launched in 1974, is celebrating its 40th anniversary at DVF's "Journey of a Dress" Exhibition.
Seth Rogen speaking before the Senate? No, it’s not the plot of the next Apatow film.
Oscar-winning actor and Broadway legend Joel Grey has come out as a gay man at the age of 82.
One of the stand out song-videos off Beyonce's new album is titled "Mine," and features our favorite Jewish rapper, Drake.
Neil Diamond is a national Jewish treasure, a Grammy Award winner and an artist who has sold over 125 million records around the world.
We've long been fans of Jewish-Canadian rapper Drake, and now there's even more reason to love the guy.
Fox has banned a SodaStream Super Bowl ad starring Scarlett Johansson, complaining it takes a direct hit at competitors.
Born in Los Angeles, California to Jewish parents, Joseph Gordon-Levitt started out as a child star before making his mark on Hollywood as an adult.
Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony celebrated the best looking people in Hollywood and the movies that made them rich(er).


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