Monday, June 26, 2017
Anti-Semitic incidents are up 94 percent in New York City over this time last year, the New York Police Department reported. The figure is part of a 55 percent increase overall in the number of hate crimes in the city as compared to the same time last year.
A New York company is preparing to market what it says is the world’s first kosher-certified marijuana.
The Dept of Transportation sent a letter notifying Kuwait Airways that it violated anti-discrimination law when it refused to sell a ticket to an Israeli.
NEW YORK (JTA) — It’s not uncommon to see Hasidic Jews in Day N Night, a Yemenite-owned corner store in Boro Park, Brooklyn. In fact, the shop caters to the many Orthodox Jewish customers who live in the neighborhood by selling Hebrew and...
Eagles of Death Metal, the band playing at the Bataclan theater when it was attacked in Paris Friday, has reaffirmed its intent to play Israel.
The Michelin travel company is being criticized for not including an Israel guide in its suite of esteemed travel and dining books.
A cartoon called anti-Semitic that was published in the University of California – Los Angeles student newspaper has been strongly condemned by civic and campus organizations.
A controversial edition of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' is making waves online this week.
On a chilly December day, the Jewish community gathered in San Francisco to learn and help the homeless.
Jordan’s King announced he will personally fund the restoration of Christ’s Tomb, which is located inside of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.


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