Wednesday, February 21, 2018
An Israeli artist plans to create a piece that will be beamed up to outer space this year, becoming the first-ever sculpture in space.
Supporters and critics of Rabbi Joseph Dweck signed petitions following his comments last month.
Staff Sergeant Noam Avital is a lone soldier. A simple good deed inspired him to assist hundreds of lone soldiers in need of help.
A documentary on the oldest living Holocaust survivor won an Academy Award last evening, exactly one week after the death of the film’s subject.
Beyonce ordered $3,500 worth of brisket from Caplansky’s Deli, a famous Jewish deli in Toronto, after her performance at the Rogers Centre on May 25.
William Shatner says that he and Leonard Nimoy bonded over common experiences of anti-Semitism, which helped them to form a close decades-long friendship.
The world's longest and highest glass bottom bridge is set to open this summer, and we have a talented Israeli designer to thank for it.
"I felt I had to do something because no one was going to do something," Rochel Groner, a Chabad emissary in North Carolina, told JTA.
Last year’s photos of Purim in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim may win Israeli photographer Gili Yaari the Sony World Photography Award.
Noted Holocaust historian and Nazi-Germany refugee Fritz Stern has died at the age of 90.


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