Friday, April 10, 2020
The Dept of Transportation sent a letter notifying Kuwait Airways that it violated anti-discrimination law when it refused to sell a ticket to an Israeli.
An Israeli tea company has paired up with a special needs school in Brooklyn to provide job training to autistic teens.
Tourism in Israel in the past year has made a reported comeback from a downward spiral during and shortly after Operation Protective Edge last Summer.
For Sonya Kreizman and Natasha Nova, love is more than just a concept--it's serious business.
This week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon issued a statement calling for employment opportunities for persons with disability worldwide.
Talgam offers analytical history of mosaics from a wide chronological range, reviewing all aspects of the floor mosaics in their multicultural contexts.
A letter written by Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist who saved some 1,200 Jews from the Nazis, to his bookkeeper Itzhak Stern is for sale online.
The notebook of Nazi code breaker Alan Turing, the inspiration for the Hollywood hit the Imitation Game, is set to go up for auction.
The United Nations decided to censor three panels of an Israeli exhibition, claiming they are 'inappropriate.'
An explosive documentary burst onto Israeli screens, grabbing viewers from their armchairs and hurling them into the middle of a forest outside of Russia.


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