Sunday, April 30, 2017
Tel Aviv claims to be the friendliest city in the world for dogs, having the highest number of canines per capita anywhere.
A Jewish woman my mother’s age masters the special combination of sweet and blunt (as so many Jewish women do), and promoting education in the beauty world.
Two power strips with 10 outlets. Bunk beds, stress balls, and enough kinetic sand to fill the Tel Aviv beach. One mother.
Iranian news agency Fars News, confirmed the official Iranian position on the prospect of Daniel Barenboim conducting a concert in Tehran.
Summer is upon us. And that means swimsuits, summer camps, sticky temperatures — and food trucks.
While half a year has passed since Operation Protective Edge to stop Hamas rockets, IDF soldiers are still recovering from their physical wounds.
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will perform at UNESCO's headquarters in on January 26 at the opening concert of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
A museum dedicated to the history of the Ancient Near East from a biblical perspective has an exhibit looking at the Babylonian exile of the Jewish people.
Dolce & Gabanna may have just released its first abaya collection, but H&M took things in a more Jewish direction and released the 'tallit scarf.'
As a young girl, I lived through the Holocaust in the Netherlands, and later in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.


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