Friday, April 20, 2018
“Her long-spanning career makes her the perfect subject of a one-of-a-kind doll, the highest honor Barbie bestows.”
One of the 12 torches lit on Mount Herzl to kick off Yom Haatzmaut is reserved for a member of Diaspora Jewry.
The phrase gained currency in English thanks in large part to Meir Kahane, the militant rabbi who popularized it in America.
The Thorpe family wanted to make sure that the Hebrew service honored Esther's identity as a non-binary person.
An Austrian-Jewish filmmaker revisits the question of whether the Austrian president lied about his involvement in atrocities.
An unnamed Chelsea fan reportedly said he was hit with a “torrent” of abuse and moved out of his seat for his safety.
The star-shaped patches are patterned after the yellow stars Jews were required to wear under Nazi rule.
Reporters complained that they couldn't adequately cover the event from behind a mehitza, a separation they tagged the #PenceFence.
The grants are funded by the $1 million Genesis Prize awarded to Kapoor in 2017.
Joey Low is part of an effort to shame American Jewish groups into fighting Netanyahu's plan to deport or jail the migrants.


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