Friday, August 18, 2017
The 27-year-old Israeli art student took the items for a school project and said she did so in a place where all basic rules had been violated.
Campus activists have shifted from boycotts to turning Zionism into a taboo idea, writes the editor of New Voices.
"I felt I had to do something because no one was going to do something," Rochel Groner, a Chabad emissary in North Carolina, told JTA.
Responding to a Supreme Court petition, the government did say it will now allow common-law heterosexual couples who have been living together for three years to adopt.
Created by a mom, the "Allergy Alert" skullcap is simple, clever way to warn adults about a child's dangerous allergies.
At the 15th annual International Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture, students from around the world delight in a common tongue.
As anti-Jewish rhetoric pushes thousands of Jews to emigrate, the shul in Carpentras is a symbol of how deep their roots run there.
Now 68, the former prisoner is starting a new life in Tel Aviv, near his granddaughter and a beloved cigar shop.
The vandal, believed to be a teenager, was captured on video carving the swastikas in the concrete over the course of 35 minutes.
Andrew Anglin urged readers of The Daily Stormer to "take action" against Tanya Gersh.


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