Tuesday, February 20, 2018
A California congressman cited Rabbi Nachman of Breslov during a hearing on the Trump campaign and Russia.
The book depicts the intifada as peaceful resistance to Israel, igniting controversy among Jewish New Yorkers.
A kid's book for Hanukkah — in which a boy gets a vaccine in order to protect his baby sister — provoked backlash among a noisy minority.
The Washington museum is scholarly and glitzy all at once -- kind of like that Passover staple, "The Ten Commandments."
The organization, which seeks converts to Christianity, finds participants' pluralistic views "very hopeful from our perspective."
Aleph Male beard balm comes in a variety of Jewish-themed scents, including the popular Sukkot (myrtle, lemon, lemongrass and mint).
Ratner was once accused of sexual misconduct and is close friends with James Toback, whom hundreds of women have accused of sexual harassment.
Several women said the former New Republic editor inappropriately kissed them on the mouth.
Singer Maluma, who performed in Tel Aviv on Oct. 12, shared the image with the caption "New security."
The Israeli-American award winner had reached out to a reporter prior to an expose about the Besh Restaurant Group.


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