Monday, June 25, 2018
Millennial Jewish women, especially loosely affiliated ones, see versions of themselves in the popular musicians.
An established stream in the United States, Jewish farming only recently emerged across the pond as a means for engaging youths and young adults.
Twitty's book explores the history of soul food and its relationship to the larger category of Southern cuisine.
The toughest challenge facing Israel is the masses of Jews distancing themselves from Judaism, writes Israel’s minister of education and Diaspora affairs.
The Shaar Hashomayim synagogue proudly waves the flag of its most celebrated alumnus.
The parents of Yisrael Helprin decided it was important to commemorate the birth of the Jewish state through their newborn son.
The publication launched a redesigned website and magazine after bringing in four new hires.
Ransacked by the Nazis, the Moorish-style building is a national landmark.
Avi Feldman landed in the Nordic island nation weeks after its parliament began reviewing the first legislation to ban the rite since World War II.
The a “taste stick” determines the variety of hummus that an Israeli would most enjoy based on an analysis of their taste buds, and then pinpoints a local hummus restaurant that serves the appropriate variety of hummus.


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