Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Helen Mirren met with Arab and Jewish theatre students at the Department of Theatre Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Thursday.
Helen Mirren, who is visiting Israel to host this year’s Genesis Prize ceremony, rejects boycotts of the Jewish state.
Russian-Jewish actor Anton Yelchin, who starred in the new Star Trek movies reboot, was killed by his own car rolling down the driveway.
The head of the Smithsonian Institution said that academic boycotts of Israel go 'against the most basic principle of academia, period.'
Summer is upon us. And that means swimsuits, summer camps, sticky temperatures — and food trucks.
Talgam offers analytical history of mosaics from a wide chronological range, reviewing all aspects of the floor mosaics in their multicultural contexts.
Ivanka Trump will be publishing a book next spring to help professional women.
An Israeli film about women serving in the Israeli army will be adapted into a U.S. television series.
SodaStream, the Israeli company that brought homemade carbonated drinks to kitchens, is introducing the Beer Bar, its first homemade brew.
A group of young students participating in an archaeological excavation at the ancient site discovered an Egyptian amulet that is 3,300 years old.
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