Tuesday, December 12, 2017
An elderly Jewish woman who was badly injured in the terror attack in Nice, France, has died of her injuries.
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews humanitarian aid group said it plans to double its organizing of immigration to Israel (aliyah) in 2016.
Benjamin Netanyahu held his first phone conversation with his British counterpart Prime Minister Theresa May since she took office last month.
Giuliani praised Israel’s resilience during the 1990s surge of Palestinian attacks on buses in a speech to an audience that included Jerusalem Mayor Barkat.
A Holocaust survivor in Haifa is believed to be the oldest man in the world.
Identity Evropa is the group that led chants of "You will not replace us" at last month's hate rally in Charlottesville.
Divers found a 1,600-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Israel, leading to an operation that uncovered one of the largest caches of artifacts ever found.
A New York Times editor called out anti-Semitism among Trump supporters on Twitter, and was flooded with anti-Semitism by Trump supporters on Twitter.
An El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv landed safely after a bomb threat prompted an escort by the Swiss Air Force.
The ADL expressed shock at a decision by South Africa ruling ANC party to host a Hamas delegation and President Jacob Zuma’s meeting with Khaled Mashal.


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