Friday, October 19, 2018
A Palestinian man who sheltered five American Jews from fire bomb attacks in Hebron said he only did 'what needed to be done.'
Jewish groups responded to President Barack Obama’s announcement of a series of Executive actions designed to address gun violence and promote gun safety.
In his online profiles, the Oregon shooter expressed a dislike of organized religion and seems to have idolized violent groups.
Fox News has canceled a planned GOP debate, after Donald Trump announced he would not attend.
Jewish groups are congratulating Theresa May for winning the leadership of the Conservative Party and replacing outgoing UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
Benjamin Netanyahu and US Vice President Joe Biden took a moment to meet today at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
One of the most important positions in any emergency medical service (EMS) organization is the role that is played by the course instructors.
BBC News, long accused of anti-Israel bias, came under fire after publishing a misleading headline on its site about a fatal stabbing attack in Jerusalem.
The British grandson of a Holocaust survivor said he will move to Israel when he is done fighting Islamists in Syria.
ADL and the Reut Institute have announced a new joint initiative to help Jewish communities and the State of Israel face the mounting challenge of the BDS .


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