Monday, March 27, 2017
A 13-year-old Israeli boy riding his bike was critically injured in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem allegedly by 13- and 15-year-old Palestinian assailants.
After the terror attack that took the lives of two parents Thursday night, thousands of Israelis came to pay their respects at the couple's funeral.
NEW YORK (JTA) — It’s not uncommon to see Hasidic Jews in Day N Night, a Yemenite-owned corner store in Boro Park, Brooklyn. In fact, the shop caters to the many Orthodox Jewish customers who live in the neighborhood by selling Hebrew and...
An American tourist on a Birthright Israel trip killed himself, the organization behind the program for Jewish young adults said.
The city’s Police Department said 56 hate crimes were reported from Jan. 1 to Feb. 12, with 28 of the incidents targeting Jews, according to Politico. In the same period last year, the total number of hate crimes was 31, with 13 targeting Jews.
Bahrain and other Gulf states are in negotiations to buy Israel's Iron Dome defense system for protection from 'a growing arsenal of Iranian missiles.'
Shimon Peres was admitted to Sheba Medical Center after complaining of chest pains. According to his doctors, Peres suffered a mild heart attack.
Trump knew he was evoking Hitler symbolism when he asked supporters to raise their right arms and pledge to him, former ADL leader Abraham Foxman said.
A Louisiana sheriff allegedly called a federal prosecutor a 'sorry son-of-a-bitch Jew bastard' and talked about shooting him in his 'goddamned Jewish eyes.'
The EU announced it will provide more financial assistance to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a UN group supporting Palestinian refugees.


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