Thursday, April 26, 2018
The largest Slovenia supermarket reneged its decision to remove Israeli products, a move in response to pressure from the anti-Israel BDS movement.
The resolution highlights Israeli-Americans' contributions to the fields of national security, high-tech and biotech.
Sanders accused Clinton of neglecting Palestinians and Clinton said he was more prone to criticizing than solving problems when it comes to the conflict.
A terrorist stabbing attack occurred this evening, October 14, near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station on Jaffa Street.
Bahrain and Sudan joined Saudi Arabia in severing ties with Iran amidst escalating tensions set off by the execution of a Shiite clerk in Saudi Arabia.
A group of Israeli tourists were in fact the specific target of a suicide bombing on Istanbul’s busy Istiklal Street on Saturday.
At the Prayer Breakfast, Obama lauded Jewish communities that are bringing relief to natural disaster zones, caring for the sick and welcoming refugees.
Hateful rhetoric has been directed against Rep. Jerrold Nadler and other members of Congress who have announced support for the nuclear agreement with Iran.
A French-Jewish politician was stabbed to death in what some are calling an anti-Semitic assassination.
British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is receiving heavy criticism for a remark he made that seemingly compared Israel to the Islamic State terror group.


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