Monday, May 29, 2017
The video released on Sunday shows Barghouti eating in his bathroom twice, on April 27 and May 5.
The artist and social activist thought it inappropriate to hold a celebration in light of the worsening refugee crisis "on Israel’s doorstep."
The Israeli prime minister in response to the Palestinian leader's statement in Washington said he is "always ready for genuine peace."
The self-described "America's Rabbi" tweeted a photo of himself with the president's chief strategist.
Security chief Gilad Erdan wrote that Marwan Barghouti, whose op-ed launched a hunger strike joined by hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, "has become adept at rebranding Palestinian terrorism as legitimate 'resistance.'"
The resolution highlights Israeli-Americans' contributions to the fields of national security, high-tech and biotech.
A Chicago Jewish couple who were married for 69 years died moments apart in the same hospital room while holding hands.
Tanya Gersh said she no longer feels safe after neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin called on his readers to "stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions."
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his wife and two other family members, accompanied by a small security detail, toured the museum's permanent exhibit.
Israelis praised President Trump's action against Syria, but the long-term consequences are still unclear.


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