Wednesday, December 13, 2017
CNN severed ties with a prominent Donald Trump defender after he tweeted the words “Sieg Heil!” at a liberal activist.
Zundel was among the first right-wing extremists to use the internet to spread hate material.
Elor Azaria reportedly repeated his defense that he believed the attacker of a fellow soldier was planning a suicide bombing from his prone position.
Police said that based on both of their Facebook pages, the couple intended to get engaged and be married.
The Palestinian Authority president's spokesman said Abbas was hospitalized in Ramallah for routine medical checks.
Camp Solomon Schechter in Washington state, hosting a group that included Muslim Palestinian children, said it flew the flag "for the sake of a teachable moment."
The announcement came after days of consultations between Israeli, Jordanian and American officials.
Yosef Salomon's wife, Tovah, 68, who was seriously injured in the attack, was allowed to leave the hospital for the funeral.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly asked for Jared Kushner's help in removing the devices.
Kushner will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed-door session, where he is expected to answer the committee's questions.


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