Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Syrian President Bashar Assad accused Israel of supporting the rebels in Syria's more than five-year civil war, saying it is equal to a Syrian-Israeli war.
The father, who is under house arrest, denies knowing about what his son was doing, but does not deny that his son carried out the threats.
A homemade bomb filled with shrapnel killed at least 10 in St. Petersburg and was detonated after Russian President Vladimir Putin had arrived in his hometown for a visit.
"Those who identify as Zionist cannot be feminist because they are ignoring the rights of Palestinian women."
The 59-year-old Borough Park resident was trying get the boys "to come back to his apartment for all these sex things,” a police source said.
Donor-advised funds are supposed to give philanthropists more choice — until federations set limits.
A Palestinian woman who had not told U.S. immigration authorities that she had been imprisoned in Israel for two terror attacks accepted a plea bargain that forces her to leave the country.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the arrest in Israel of a teenager allegedly responsible for more than 100 bomb threats against U.S. Jewish institutions was the culmination of an investigation “spanning multiple continents.”
At least two civilians and a police officer were killed in a car-ramming and knife attack outside the houses of Parliament in London.
An Israel advocacy group criticized a pro-BDS group for denying its request to hold a memorial event for Israeli terror victims at its conference.


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