Sunday, March 18, 2018
An 18-year-old female Muslim terrorist stabbed a 36-year-old Israeli in his upper body from behind on Wednesday morning near the Lion's Gate in Jerusalem.
BBC News, long accused of anti-Israel bias, came under fire after publishing a misleading headline on its site about a fatal stabbing attack in Jerusalem.
Eitam Henkin, a man killed along with his wife in front of their children by a Palestinian in the West Bank last week, was an American citizen.
Israel Police have arrested members of the cell that perpetrated the shooting attack that killed 2 Israeli civilians on October 1.
The Palestinian Authority condemned Israel for the killing of two attackers in Jerusalem and called on the UN to intervene to protect its citizens.
The ADL strongly condemned the series of violent and abhorrent attacks in Israel, and decried the media’s dehumanization of the Israeli victims.
A series of Palestinian attacks shook Jerusalem over the weekend, leaving 4 Israelis dead and sparking protests and tension throughout the capital.
A terror unit in Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party has claimed responsibility for Thursday’s murder of an Israeli Jewish couple.
A poll asked Americans: 'If you were living during World War II, would you have risked the imprisonment and death of yourself and your family to hide Jews?'
In his online profiles, the Oregon shooter expressed a dislike of organized religion and seems to have idolized violent groups.


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