Monday, October 26, 2020
Some of the flowers, candies, and even card designs that are popular on Valentine’s Day have a Jewish connection.
For Sonya Kreizman and Natasha Nova, love is more than just a concept--it's serious business.
Jewish dating app Jcrush recently hit the App Store. The location-based iPhone app allows users to find, chat and meet up with Jewish “crushes” near them.
Whether winter or spring, morning or night, Queens, New York offers some unique spots for an extraordinary experience that your beshert is sure to remember.
Despite the chilly climate, when it comes to romance the magic of St. Petersburg can warm even the coldest heart.
From Heloïse and Abelard to Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, lovestruck couples have long cast their starry-eyed gazes in Paris’s direction.
With Chicago’s wealth of scenery, street festivals, fine dining and quiet, corner hideaways, it’s a city perfect for kindling romance—new and old alike.
A lot of people come to New York to find their Jewish soulmate. The only problem is, where to begin in such a big city?
The fourth annual Nice Jewish Guys calendar has partnered with JDate to provide 12 months of adorable good-looking bachelors for your viewing pleasure.
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