Monday, June 25, 2018
Opening next fall, The Shefa School in New York City is a Jewish day school with a twist.
The suspension of a Palestinian group has thrust Northeastern University into a debate on what constitutes free speech and what crosses into anti-Semitism.
Pro-Palestinian students last week directed threats of violence and anti-Semitic slurs at pro-Israel students at the University of Michigan.
Members of the Green Knesset team met with leaders from Tel Aviv University to talk about TAU’s newest construction project.
A joint Israeli-American study recently published in Prevention Science suggests that bullies suffer as much as their victims.
With “The Story of the Jews,” 69-year-old Simon Schama is returning to his Jewish roots in what is perhaps his most personal work.
Imagine a lab with electric wires, computer chords, and wheels and you have a good picture of one of the country’s more than 20 CIJE-Tech laboratories.
Ben Gurion University of the Negev has teamed up with a leading Canadian university to build a world-class ocean research center in Eilat.
A leading American language association is taking heat this week after it approved a resolution condemning Israel.
The Cornell NYC Tech campus planned for New York City’s Roosevelt Island reached a major milestone in December.


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