Thursday, April 26, 2018
Helen Mirren came out against the cultural boycott of Israel on October 28 after being honored at the 29th Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.
From a play based on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to a stage legend playing a cosmetics doyenne, these are the Jewish plays, actors and characters to keep an eye on Broadway's biggest night.
These new titles are perfect for the beach — or for your morning commute.
David Schwimmer is coming back to television in his first major role since 'Friends.'
Roseanne Barr will participate in a March 28 conference in Jerusalem about fighting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, or BDS, movement.
Nate Robinson, a three-time winner of the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest despite standing only 5-9, agreed to play for the Israeli basketball team Hapoel Tel Aviv.
If the recent hubbub over the Seinfeld “reunion” commercial during the Super Bowl is any indication, we all miss us some comedy about nothing.
Documentary “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” — which attempts to define and explore what Israeli food actually is — opens March 24 in New York.
'I don’t ask anyone’s permission to travel. I’ve received lots of love here. I wouldn’t have missed that.'
To help cap off this Festival of Lights, we’ve compiled our five favorite Hanukkah videos of all time.


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