Sunday, July 23, 2017
From a play based on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to a stage legend playing a cosmetics doyenne, these are the Jewish plays, actors and characters to keep an eye on Broadway's biggest night.
The star of "Wonder Woman" replied to a young fan's letter and caused a social media sensation.
The film, which opens Friday in the U.S., has garnered rave reviews.
The film is still scheduled to be released in several other Middle Eastern countries.
The Austin cinema laughed off online critics who said its screening of the film starring Israel's Gal Gadot was sexist, and the chain said it would expand the program.
BizTank is a more heimesh version of the startup-pitch reality show filmed in Brooklyn.
The Jewish rapper's 13 honors, including as top artist, snapped the mark of 12 held by Adele.
"The Women's Balcony," a niche slice-of-life story, is finding unexpected success around the world.
From a transgender pioneer to Susie Essman's charming, eccentric mom role on "Broad City," these characters prove that the Jewish matriarch is much more than an overbearing stereotype.
The iconic actor, who stars in the upcoming HBO film about Bernie Madoff, usually mines his Italian heritage for his performances.


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