Monday, May 25, 2020
Elton John wowed the Tel Aviv crowd during his concert promoting his newest studio album,”Wonderful Crazy Night,” on May 26 in Yarkon Park.
Cable network HBO acquired Israeli television show Beit HaMishalot, or House of Wishes, joining a list of popular Hebrew shows reproduced for US audiences.
Matisyahu’s performance at a Spain music fest was canceled after he refused to endorse Palestinian statehood at the behest of the organizers.
The new Daily Show host selection has opened up a discussion about comedy, anti-Semitism, and how politically incorrect a joke can be.
Bill Cosby dropped by the "Jon Stewart Show" last night, and the result was much more Jewish than you might imagine.
People of faith working in Hollywood are often out of step with the entertainment industry, American actress Mayim Bialik said.
Actress/writer Lena Dunham has been named advocacy group Point Foundation's Horizon Award 2014 recipient for her support of the gay community.
Natalie Portman returned to her alma mater and recalled how she felt she had to prove herself as a worthy student while attending Harvard University.
Winning one best-picture Academy Award is difficult--winning three in three different decades is downright astonishing.
Roseanne Barr said of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement that 'people should listen to what Jewish people say that live here, in Israel.'
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