Friday, June 23, 2017
Following a visit to the Jewish state, the actor said current Israeli policies were negatively impacting both Israelis and Palestinians.
The Hollywood star and Hillary Clinton supporter criticized the president's daughter over her desire not to advertise her impact as his assistant.
It’s common for posters in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Israel to be scrubbed clean of women, out of respect for the community’s stringent modesty standards.
A teen drama finds unexpected nuance when a Jewish mom and Christian dad have a baby.
Recent videos have dealt with Israelis’ love of weddings, marijuana and indignation about the existence of winter.
Documentary “Rabbi Wolff — A Gentleman Before God” is one of the top-grossing German documentaries in 2016. It will have its North American premiere in May.
Shane Baker and Caraid O’Brien admit that people are often surprised to come across non-Jews who are so passionate about Yiddish.
The celebrities who appear on genealogy shows are almost invariably in for a surprise, like a criminal in their family tree or a British royal in their web of relatives.
Documentary “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” — which attempts to define and explore what Israeli food actually is — opens March 24 in New York.
The one-night show by the American pop singer reportedly will take place at Yarkon Park.


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