Sunday, April 22, 2018
Rocker Gene Simmons can see an end in sight for his band KISS--because he doesn't want to tour forever.
If you’ve ever wanted to see a Joan Rivers 'sex tape,' today is your lucky day. Also, what’s wrong with you?
Jimmy Fallon lived out his deepest dream Thursday night, barely reigning in the fanboy as he sang two duets with Billy Joel.
In a recent video from MTV’s "After Hours with Josh Horowitz," Jeff Goldblum announces that his latest venture is a restaurant.
Feeling like there weren’t enough Jews on your TV screen? You can rest easy, because reality TV is getting a bit more Chosen.
Bateman was a guest on 'The Daily Show,' promoting his new film, and revealed that when he learns a good Yiddish word, he makes sure to remember it.
With “The Story of the Jews,” 69-year-old Simon Schama is returning to his Jewish roots in what is perhaps his most personal work.
Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel spoofed TV drama 'True Detective' as part of a joke campaign to secure themselves roles in the second season of the show.
Hollywood pals Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore will be the toast of the 2014 CinemaCon event after landing the Male and Female Star of the Year awards.
Lena Dunham took aim at Hollywood bosses during her keynote speech at the South by Southwest festival, insisting actresses are 'typecast' in the industry.


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