Friday, February 23, 2018
The first trailer for Sin City 2 has finally been released, and we’re feeling pretty excited.
The best part of Jimmy Kimmel’s show has to be the videos it produces, the most recent of which are a series of fake movie trailers based on YouTube memes.
Executives at Fox have released the title for a remake after hearing Spielberg is keen to develop the movie.
John Travolta has broken his silence after becoming the butt of jokes following his misreading of singer Idina Menzel's name at the Oscars on Sunday night.
Adele Nazeem, we mean Idina Menzel, seems to have shaken off her blunder-of-an-introduction by John Travolta on Oscars night.
New dad Jason Biggs celebrated the birth of his son on Wednesday by holding a bris.
Lea Michele's first solo album was released today, and features a touching tribute to late boyfriend Cory Monteith.
'Suits' star Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett have become parents for a second time.
Trevor Graham has a crazy theory: hummus can bring peace to the Middle East.
This year, Russ & Daughters is celebrating a century of serving cured fish and bagels to New York’s Lower East Side.


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