Tuesday, February 20, 2018
The family matriarch of "Hollywood Hillbillies" surprised everyone by giving a sort-of compliment to Jews at large.
During Jonah Hill's opening monologue, he got a surprise visit from co-star Leonardo DiCaprio and the two reenacted the classic scene from "Titanic."
'Girls' has, for the three seasons it's been on, been a zeitgeisty, hot-button TV show that people love to talk about.
Gal Gadot is in it to win it.
Adam Sandler is one of the big 'winners' in the Razzie nominations for his role in 'Grown Ups 2,' which, by all accounts, was a big ole dud.
Some of the stars we'll be watching walk down the Oscars red carpet are our favorite Hollywood Jews.
Our favorite black and Jewish rapper, Drake was in NYC over the weekend to host the first "Saturday Night Live" episode of 2014.
Want to hear Shaquille O’Neal speak Hebrew? Yeah, so did we.
A huge mazel tov to Lena Dunham for landing the February cover of Vogue.
One of our favorite Israeli companies is teaming with one of our favorite Jewish starlets, for a Super Bowl spot that we’re sure will prove plenty popular.


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