Monday, July 23, 2018
The Puna power plant supplies 25 percent of the island’s electricity.
With Israel apparently approaching a fifth consecutive dry year, the Sea of Galilee has dropped to dangerously low levels.
Give thanks to Ben-Gurion University, which found that fuel produced from poultry excrement yielded 24 percent more energy and less harmful emissions than coal.
The fires have killed at least 10 people in the area. No one at the camp was hurt.
Community leaders said there was no choice but to cancel and urge people to stay home.
"The mikvah saved us," said Moishe Chanowitz, a Chabad rabbi on the tiny Caribbean island ravaged by the storm.
Jewish law is unambiguous when life might be at risk, writes a professor of Talmud and rabbinics at the Jewish Theological Seminary.
Netanyahu and Trump agree on the dangers of extremist Islamism. Global warming? Not so much.
The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life also was among two dozen religious groups in the plea on an agreement that seeks to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.
The People's Climate Movement, which is organizing the march, advocates for global action against climate change.


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