Sunday, November 19, 2017
Two groups of fruit flies living in Israel’s ‘Evolution Canyon’ each have unique DNA, according to research published by Virginia Tech.
The Blue Going Green campaign is working to make the IAF more environmentally friendly, so that it will be a net-zero-energy air force by 2033.
Israel’s water authority, Mekorot, has teamed up with the Mexico's Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources to help clean up Mexico’s water supply.
Israel, Jordan and Palestine have signed a historic agreement aimed at crucial water preservation.
Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry is cracking down on illegal waste dumps in the West Bank.
An Israeli entrepreneur is combining modern technology with an age-old technique that combines fishing with agriculture.
A grove of trees has been saved after Tel Aviv residents protested a city plan to remove the trees from school grounds.
Leaders of three faiths came together recently to discuss the need to take action to clean up the Jordan River.
In the fields of the northern Galilee, an Israeli start-up is growing the next generation of super-crops.
A new Israeli technology could make water leaks in the home a thing of the past.


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