Monday, October 16, 2017
After appeals, including by the Jewish community, a court in Gothenburg rerouted the march so that it would not pass near the city's main synagogue.
Like the Catalonian population at large, the Jewish community is also divided on the independence issue.
A diverse community of 200,000 has "started to organize more and create platforms to be able to express their opinions."
The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is a dynamic Jewish melting pot, writes the director of its organized Jewish community.
Two sheets of paper and bitter memories ended up dealing a painful blow to a tactless businesswoman and the further poisoning of Israel's relations with Bern.
“I tell my congregants: Don’t think we’re here for good," Rabbi Meir Bar-Hen said.
Barcelona's chief rabbi said it did not appear the attack had targeted Jews, but security forces instructed him to temporarily close Jewish institutions in the city.
Switzerland already has a partial ban on producing kosher meat.
Nostalgia and a sense of loss inspire a mock celebration — fake chuppah and all.
The memorial in Lyon bears the names of 44 children and 7 adults who were deported in 1944 from the Children's Home of Izieu in eastern France.


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