Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Malmo, a city notorious for its anti-Semitism, has seen several small-scale interfaith efforts try to improve the situation.
The Arab-Israeli victim, a non-Jew, had put on the head covering as an experiment.
Two men described as being of Middle Eastern descent drove menacingly toward the group, Rabbi Yanki Jacobs told police.
Three individuals who appeared to be teenagers beat the 15-year-old after following her in from the street.
Anti-Semitism likely played no role in a crime that has galvanized a political debate over Muslim refugees.
Charlotte Knobloch wrote that the envoy's support "exacerbates" Germany's far-right problem and may "fan the flames of anti-Semitism."
Two male asylum seekers, from Turkey and Iraq, were identified as suspects.
In Holland’s polarized society, a couple’s Romeo and Juliet story is grabbing headlines.
Titled "Palestinian live matter," the action protests deaths on one side of the conflict with Israel.
Illegal discrimination against Jews in the Netherlands nearly doubled in 2017.


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