Saturday, November 28, 2020
By JTA Adolf Hitler’s birthplace in Austria will be torn down and a new building with no connection to the Nazi leader will be built in its place. The plan was announced by the country’s Interior Ministry. The plan still has...
According to a new book by historians, Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias, which left Hitler with an abnormally small manhood.
The owner of a Czech tour bus that advertised Auschwitz as a holiday destination will remove the bus' controversial design showing pictures of inmates.
Three Books of Esther scrolls read on Purim during the Holocaust were found in a hidden synagogue at the Warsaw Ghetto after a wall in the ghetto collapsed.
Staffers at the Auschwitz museum found a gold ring hidden in a false bottom of one of the cups on display in the main exhibition.
In his first ever public comments on the Holocaust, Prince William espoused the virtue of 'keeping the memory alive.'
A thrift store near the Dutch capital succeeded in returning the 1942 wedding book of a Jewish couple who perished in Auschwitz to the couple’s family.
A backhoe operator working on a construction site in Poland dug up a glass decanter filled with valuables, including Jewish artifacts.
In 1943, Sophie and Hans Scholl, along with Christophe Probst, were beheaded in Berlin for their involvement in peaceful resistance group, the White Rose.
An 87-year-old grandmother has been sentenced to 10 months in jail by a German court for the crime of Holocaust denial.
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