Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Nostalgia and a sense of loss inspire a mock celebration — fake chuppah and all.
A neo-Nazi rally was called off during the afternoon of February 2 after members of the fascist group accidentally boarded the wrong train.
Significant pieces of Lithuania’s largest synagogue complex, which was damaged by the Nazis and destroyed by the Soviets, still remain.
Ban Ki-Moon toured Auschwitz today, marking the UN general secretary's first visit to the notorious Nazi camp.
David Cameron pledged millions of dollars in new funds to Jewish schools and synagogues to be used for security.
For most Jews, matzah season takes place once a year. But for Jean-Claude Neymann, matzah is a family tradition that lasts all year long.
Three people have been shot in an attack at a Copenhagen synagogue.
Europe’s first school of Jewish theology opened in Germany this week.
A German institute is pledging to go ahead with plans to print a version of “Mein Kampf,” despite the book’s government ban.
Pope Francis said during his silent visit last week to the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau that he felt the souls of those murdered there.


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