Monday, October 14, 2019
Two hostage situations are unfolding in Paris, one taking place at a kosher shop and both tied to this week's attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.
The paramedics, who use motorcycles, are part of the Hatzalah emergency service focused on the 12,000 haredi Jews living in the Jewish Quarter of Antwerp.
Amid a debate on Poland’s Holocaust past, the country’s president joined the launch of a museum for 'Righteous' non-Jews who saved Jews’ lives in the Shoah.
Pope will make his first official visit to Rome’s Great Synagogue. He will be the third pope to visit that venue.
A Spain music fest, which disinvited Matisyahu after he refused to make a statement endorsing a Palestinian state, has re-invited him to perform.
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II met with survivors and liberators in a visit to the former Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.
An ancient mikveh was recently uncovered in Catalonia, Spain.
Belgium is committed to funding security measures at Jewish institutions and to adopt a zero-tolerance law enforcement policy on anti-Semitism.
A synagogue that was attacked during riots in Ukraine is in need of repair after what is being called minor damage.
A record 150 cyclists or more are scheduled to participate in the third Holocaust commemorative bike Ride for the Living in Poland.


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