Monday, March 27, 2017
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the European Union's move to begin labeling products made in Jewish settlements of the West Bank.
The Labour politician said that Israel should have been created in the United States and it was not too late to move Israeli Jews there.
British lawmakers are pushing for welfare benefits for observant Jews unable to work on Shabbat and other religious holidays.
An Italian tourist who stole a remnant of barbed wire from Auschwitz could face three years in prison for the crime.
Two synagogue attendees are making international headlines, after they paused in their worshiping to save a family from a burning car.
The executive board of the municipality of The Hague advised the city government to offer $2.75 million in restitution for money wrongfully collected from Holocaust survivors.
French lawmakers and others around the world are expressing solidarity with Israel following the terror shooting in Tel Aviv, using #JeSuisTelAviv in posts.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel linked the attacks on an airport and metro station in Brussels to terror attacks in his country.
Germany is upping security measures after New Year’s Eve partiers desecrated a Berlin Holocaust memorial.
Citing Israeli producers’ “full compliance” with French law, the Monoprix supermarket chain declined a request to boycott products from Israel.


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