Monday, September 21, 2020
The creator of a neo-Nazi salute has been ordered to remove offensive segments from a YouTube video.
A Spanish court has invalidated a municipal boycott of Israel on the grounds that the move is discriminatory, anti-Semitic, and incites hate crimes.
A set of marbles owned by Anne Frank is set to go on display near Amsterdam today.
Two men of Palestinian background were put on trial in Germany on charges of planning an ISIS-inspired terror attack against the Israeli embassy in Berlin.
Hungary will not label separately products made in the West Bank or the Golan Heights, its foreign minister said.
The Jewish community in a small Greek town is suing for the return of funds paid out during Nazi occupation.
An elderly Jewish woman who was badly injured in the terror attack in Nice, France, has died of her injuries.
A Spanish hotel built on the site of an ancient shul has opened a synagogue on one of its floors.
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the European Union's move to begin labeling products made in Jewish settlements of the West Bank.
Paris said in response to parents who complained that a map that had Israel labeled as Palestine was a result of 'a simple production error.'
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