Monday, July 20, 2020
Poland has named 2014 the year of Jan Karski, a resistance fighter who was crucial in spurring allied intervention in World War II.
Israeli directors walked away with top honors at the European Film Awards last weekend.
Henry Winkler was honored as a "Literacy Hero" last week in London.
An influential Spanish duke has made the first official apology to the Jews of Gibraltar, for their expulsion in the lead up to the Inquisition.
Fragments of human skeletons recently discovered in Warsaw are believed to have been buried at the time of the ghetto's famous uprising.
Two Turkish citizens were recently detained at Auschwitz for allegedly making Nazi salutes.
Israeli Yaki Gantz has made over 100 trips to Poland to help identify dozens of unmarked or anonymous Holocaust grave sites across the country.
A Dutch museum wants to stop a planned memorial for victims of the Holocaust.
British lawmakers are pushing for welfare benefits for observant Jews unable to work on Shabbat and other religious holidays.
A center named for the father of modern Zionism has been opened in Budapest.
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