Monday, February 24, 2020
Federica Mogherini has been strongly criticized for comments which she recently made in a press conference about the escalation of violence in Jerusalem.
Germany is upping security measures after New Year’s Eve partiers desecrated a Berlin Holocaust memorial.
Germany awarded its highest medal of honor to a French couple for their work bringing Nazi war criminals to justice.
A German institute is pledging to go ahead with plans to print a version of “Mein Kampf,” despite the book’s government ban.
Jewish groups are lauding Pope Francis’s decision to open Holocaust-era archives at the Vatican.
Shimon Peres visited Pope Francis at the Vatican this morning to discuss 'their shared vision for a peaceful future and an end to violence.'
Members of a Swedish youth group launched an anti-fascist campaign at a high school where neo-Nazis interrupted a lecture by a Holocaust survivor.
British punk rocker Morrissey is sparking controversy this week after making some unsavory comparisons between meat eaters and murderers.
Citing Israeli producers’ “full compliance” with French law, the Monoprix supermarket chain declined a request to boycott products from Israel.


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