Monday, September 21, 2020
Several are dead and injured, and parts of the city under lockdown, in what is suspected to be a terror attack near the site of the 72 Munich Olympic Games.
Portugal’s law naturalizing citizens the descendants of Sephardic Jews could become effective March 15, a leader of the country’s Jewish community said.
The BBC is investigating Tim Willcox after his coverage of the solidarity rally in Paris on January 11 in the aftermath of the terror attacks.
Soccer star Nicolas Anelka said the Jewish wife of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls influenced the politician to oppose the quenelle salute.
A Spain music fest, which disinvited Matisyahu after he refused to make a statement endorsing a Palestinian state, has re-invited him to perform.
A set of marbles owned by Anne Frank is set to go on display near Amsterdam today.
Jewish groups in Germany harshly criticized a new government commission on anti-Semitism, saying the lack of a single Jewish member was scandalous.
The kitchen of Pope Francis’ Vatican residence was made kosher for a day last week, as the pontiff hosted a delegation of rabbis from his native Argentina.
Spain has seen the passing of 24 rulings against boycotting Israel.
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